Welcome all to my website! After watching hours of “how to make a wordpress site” Youtube videos and clicking the “undo” button more times than I can count, my site is finally ready for your eyes! No better time to launch it than at the start of the new year. Hello 2017! Now the question I’ve been asking myself for the last week is “What should I write about for my first post?”….. Well I still don’t actually know how to answer that question, but I think maybe the best way to start is for me to answer the question “Why did I start this blog?”

The idea to start this website and blog first came about while I was backpacking through Europe. I left at the beginning of May for what would be the biggest adventure of my life. For four months I travelled by train through 16 countries in Europe, and “wow” I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing adventure it was. Before I left I decided to start a blog about my travels. It is called 125 Days in Europe (www.groovyhoovey.tumblr.com). I never thought that I would like blogging, but I soon proved myself wrong. I loved it. I blogged about my adventures, new friends and the spectacular sites. Memories that I’ll hold onto forever.

One subject that kept popping up over and over again on my tag lines was “design.” Whether it was a building or landscape, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “this is what I want to blog about today.” Some days it was about interiors that made me feel “gezellig” (a word that means cozy/homey in Dutch) or about a park that made me feel like I was in a fairytale. I would like to continue to share stories about the beautiful things I see and learn about. I can’t tell you exactly what form this blog will take, but one thing that I hope is that it will bring a little bit more beauty and inspiration into your life.